Multijurisdictional Practice Regulations Governing Attorneys Conducting a Transactional Practice

Multijurisdictional practice has become the norm, rather than the exception. Professor Needham analyzes how the increase in multijuris-dictional practice is affected by various legal regulations and how these regulations need to be changed to provide for greater ease in multijuris-dictional practice. Noting that other professions allow “consultants” to work throughout the United States without geographic restrictions, Pro-fessor Needham comments on how the proposals initiated by the Ameri-can Bar Association’s (ABA’s) Multijurisdictional Practice Commission and the ABA Ethics 2000 Commission present an opportunity for change. While wholesale changes are just beginning to occur, many states have begun to follow the trend to regularize, acknowledge, and permit multi-jurisdictional practice.

The full text of this Symposium is available to download as a PDF.