Livrebleu 17

Les Conséquences Tragiques Forgées Par le Professeur Répugnant Nommé Grantmore

In a stellar example of investigative journalism in the Woodward-Bernstein tradition, Professor LaFave here presents his exposé of the Bluebook seventeenth edition scandal, revealing: (1) where in the latest Bluebook there is an inexplicable 180º shift in citation policy; (2) who provoked that change; (3) why he did it; (4) what Bluebook purists can do about it; and (5) when the next bus leaves for Peoria. Pulitzer Prize Committee, take note!*David C. Baum Professor of Law Emeritus & Professor in the Center for Advanced Study Emeritus, University of Illinois

The full text of this Article is available to download as a PDF.