Law Review Online Releases Compiled Rankings of Top Online Law Reviews

The University of Illinois Law Review Online is excited to announce the release of its inaugural online law review rankings, providing a one-stop shop for authors looking to publish with online law reviews. Our editors have compiled a list of the top law schools—based on their U.S. News ranking—that publish an online law review. The list also indicates each school’s peer ranking and its W&L combined rankings for the print edition of its law review, and provides direct links to the submission information for its online law review.

In an increasingly digital age, more content is being generated for online law reviews, as authors attempt to be more responsive to ever-changing laws and legal problems. In publishing these rankings, our goal is to help legal scholars continue to be responsive by providing a single resource to serve as a guide to the top schools with online law reviews, and facilitate access to their submission processes. Our hope is that simplifying the online publication process will allow for an increased publication of diverse and timely legal scholarship online.

To view the Illinois Law Review Online Rankings, please visit our newly revamped website at https://illinoislawreview.org/online-rankings/.