The Role of Workplace Hostility in Determining Prospective Remedies for Employment Discrimination: A Call for Greater Judicial Discretion in Awarding Front Pay
Susan K. Grebeldinger   |   1996 U. Ill. L. Rev.

* Associate Professor, Wake Forest School of Law. B.A. 1981, University of Montana; J.D. 1984, Yale. My thanks to Professor J. Wilson Parker, who provided invaluable advice. Thanks also to my research assistants Brigette Homrig, Rebecca Perry, Neil Day, and Ashton Hudson.

This is the first of two articles concerning prospective remedies for victims of employment discrimination. The second, currently in progress and co-authored with Professor Stephen L. Hayford of the Babcock Graduate School of Management, is an empirical research project addressing the efficacy of reinstatement and front pay. The project is funded in part by the Fund for Labor Relations Studies.